Jewish Life At Avoda

Since its beginning in 1927, Camp Avoda has committed to providing an immersive Jewish camping experience for boys. Philosophically, Avoda is pluralistic and is a comfortable setting for most campers and families to express their personal brand of Judaism. We incorporate Camp Avoda-style traditions and values that permeates activities and bunk life daily.

As an inclusive community, Avoda is enriched by serving boys with varied Jewish experiences. Many of our campers come from interfaith families, some attend camp as their first group experience with Judaism, and others attend Jewish day or synagogue schools. All of these boys live and play together and become a part of the rich fabric of camp life.

Our camp meals are kosher and each begins with the motzi and ends with birkat hamazon blessings. Shabbat services are held on Friday nights and Saturday mornings in our beautiful lakeside outdoor chapel site amid towering pines. Havdalah and Tisha B’Av services are both meaningful and memorable, as is our annual trip to Israel for staff and alumni. We are proud to be part of K’lal Yisrael, the larger Jewish community.