Jewish Life At Avoda

Since its establishment in 1927, Camp Avoda has been dedicated to providing a vibrant Jewish camping experience for boys. Rooted in pluralism, Avoda embraces a diverse range of Jewish expressions boys, creating a welcoming environment for campers and families of all backgrounds. Our Avoda-style traditions are woven into every aspect of daily life, infusing values into activities and bunk camaraderie.                 

At Avoda, inclusivity is at the heart of our community. We celebrate the richness brought by boys with varied Jewish experiences. Many of our campers come from interfaith families, some attend camp as their first group experience with Judaism, and others attend Jewish day or synagogue schools. Together, they form the vibrant tapestry of camp life, learning and growing side by side.

Our kosher meals are a cornerstone of our commitment to Jewish tradition, beginning with blessings like the motzi and concluding with birkat hamazon. Shabbat services take place in our serene lakeside outdoor chapel, nestled amidst majestic pines, offering moments of reflection and connection. Havdalah and Tisha B’Av services are deeply meaningful, as is our annual pilgrimage to Israel for staff and alumni. Proudly, we are part of K’lal Yisrael, the larger Jewish community, fostering unity and belonging for all who join us at Camp Avoda.