Camp Trips

Field Trips

Trip Day at Avoda historically has been every Thursday. While we always to try to experience new things at Avoda, there are some trademark trips that our campers love every year and have become a staple of our programming.

Some of the best trips we go on include a Boston Red Sox baseball game, Water Wizz, Mountain Climbing, an exploratory visit to the Boston Science Museum, Canobie Lake Park, a thrill-seeking day at Six Flags Adventure Park, Deep Sea Fishing and Whale Watching. We offer a variety of trips to ensure we meet the diverse interests and ages of our campers.

Overnight Trips

We begin our aspirational arcs with our Sophomore Overnight, a recent annual tradition where our 11 year old campers camp out in tents, hike, swim, enjoy waterfalls, and more, in the Berkshires. Each year, campers in Bunk 14 embark on a 3-day trip which is planned by its counselors. Trips vary depending upon what the campers interests are, but counselors generally choose to bring the group up to Maine for a true camping experience that sometimes involves white water rafting with professional tour guides.

In addition, each summer there is a Canoe Overnight. Campers who register for Advanced Canoeing at Avoda train all summer with certified counselors and then head on a 3-day overnight to Maine where they test their skills on the rapids. This trip is open to campers in the Senior Division.

Bunk counselors also are encouraged to arrange for their bunks to have special overnights off campus in the woods or right on our very own beach!