Do You Go Out Of Camp At All During The Summer?

Yes, every Thursday is field trip day at Camp Avoda! Some of the great trips offered are: hiking trips, waterslide parks, Six Flags Amusement Park, rock climbing, Red Sox games and so many more!. Campers who are in our Senior division (going into 10th and 11th grade) also do mini-day-trips each Saturday. Golf is also an optional program that takes place outside of camp. In addition, there are various camping overnights, sports competitions hosted by other camps, and socials with Camp Pembroke, the nearby girls camp.

How Do We Communicate With Our Children During The Summer?

Campers are required to write home at least twice per week, which can be done through our camper management system. You may send letters to your sons or email letters through the same system, which we then print out and hand to the kids. We post around 150 photos a day and write a daily blog so that you know what is happening at camp.

How Are Campers Placed Together In Bunks?

Campers are typically placed together based on what grade they are entering in the upcoming school year.

What Age Are Campers When They Start Coming To Avoda?

We have first-time campers going into 2nd grade all the way up to 11th grade. Everyone is welcome

How Competitive Is Camp Avoda?

We are sports-oriented, not sports-dominated. Integral components of Avoda’s program are sports and competition. However, we like to pride ourselves on balancing sports with diverse program options, and values like sportsmanship and teamwork.

Do You Have Nurses At Camp?

We have two full time nurses. . Our camp pediatricians are 15 minutes away and there are several hospitals also nearby.

Should your son need to stay in the infirmary overnight or require medical attention you will be notified. Our nurses also dispense all camper medications and TLC when needed!

Where Are Your Campers From?

Our campers come from Massachusetts, New England, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and all over!

Do You Have Socials/Dances With A Girls’ Camp?

Many of our camper’s sisters, cousins, and friends attend Camp Pembroke (an all-girls Jewish camp) with whom we have regular get-togethers throughout the summer.

What Is Your Camper To Counselor Ratio?

We have a camper to counselor ratio of 4 to 1. This means that all campers receive close attention and supervision at all times.

How “Jewish” Are You?

We are not affiliated with any movement. A subtle spirituality infuses life at Avoda. Each meal begins and ends with blessings, the food is kosher, and services are held each Friday evening and Saturday morning (as well as on Tisha B’Av), and Havdalah. Weather permitting, services are held in the tranquil beauty of our outdoor Chapel Site, where, nestled among towering trees by the peaceful waters of Lake Tispaquin, campers can reflect as Jewish prayers and songs resound. The Shabbat schedule is still active, but we do not run our regular program; we like to keep the day separate from the rest of the week. Being brought up at Camp Avoda lends itself to maintaining and fostering Jewish identity as boys grow up to become men.

What happens if my son is homesick? Can he call home?

Very few campers become homesick at Avoda. We are very busy and work to help the boys make relationships and choose their schedules. This all contributes to generally easy transitions. Our counselors are trained to assist campers who may feel a bit homesick which can be normal for some children. Our Director and Camper Care Specialist Ronni Saltzman Guttin helps coach and care for each boy with our bunk counselors. We will stay in touch with parents but don’t typically schedule phone calls unless it seems to be the best choice.