Since 1927, the same athletic field remains the hub of camp activity today-surrounded by bunks and extending to the waterfront with activity buildings near by-we have a total of more than 55 acres of wooded property. Our camp has every facility and resource you could want, without the sprawling size. Navigating around our campus is very easy and inviting for young, first-year campers.


The camp’s private quarter-mile of frontage on beautiful Lake Tispaquin affords campers a wide array of waterfront activities. One of the most active areas of camp, our waterfront is operated in accordance with American Red Cross standards. Swimming instruction is a staple of our waterfront offering, which includes sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, and fishing.

Bunks and Cabins

Camp Avoda living spaces are centrally located in the horseshoe that lines our main athletic field with easy access to the Shower House, Waterfront, Recreation Hall and all other program areas. Each of the eight cabins is divided into two bunks except for our oldest groups which live in larger cabins. Typically, two bunks of similar age campers are living under one cabin roof. Cabins include a shared lounge area, bathrooms (with toilets, urinals, and sinks; showers are in a separate facility), a large porch perfect for hanging out, watching sports on the field, and visiting other campers.

Other Spaces

Other Spaces

An indoor Rec Hall
A 50 Foot Rock Wall
Ropes Course
Large Screen Projected TV for big events like the All-Star Game, World Cup, or movie night
Outdoor Chapel Site
Street Hockey Court
Free-play area including sees saws, climbing equipment, tetherball and more!
Beach Volleyball Courts
Tennis Courts
Basketball Courts
Arts and Crafts Shack