Israel Message Board

Ken Shifman
Sending love and support to our Israeli families, staff, loved ones and friends.
The Jacoby Family
Sending our love and support to all of the Avoda Israeli families and the young men who have been called back to defend our homeland. We see you, we love you, we support you and we are so grateful for you. Be safe and have faith. xoxo
We are thinking about all of you each day, and are very grateful for the bravery and hard work of our Israeli friends who help to keep Israel for every Jew in the diaspora!
Gary Rabinowitz
Sending love and strength to all of you. Thanks for the bravery. You are in my thoughts every day.
Lucas, Russell (Hondo) and Edye Katz
We send you love peace and smiles as we support Israel and all Jewish People. Lucas showed us your photos from the yearbook that he has it right on his nightstand since he got it. ❤️❤️❤️
The Rubin Family
We stand with Israel! We stand for peace and we are praying for Israel and all the brave people defending it! Thank you and sending extra love to our Avoda families living in Israel.
Your Nurses Roberta, Barbara, and Crystal
We are sending lots of love, prayers , courage and strength to you, your families and your soldiers to keep you safe. We will miss you til we see you❤️
The Rochwerger Family
Our thoughts are with all Israeli families and all of the brave individuals who have been called up for duty. Please be safe and strong and know you are in our prayers and in our hearts.
The Rothstein Family
Our thoughts are with you. We are sending prayers and love.
The Ellison Family
We are thinking about everyone over in Israel and hoping you are all safe. Our thoughts are with you every day 🇮🇱
The Abrams Family
Our thoughts and prayers are with all our Avoda Israeli campers and counselors and their families. We think about you all everyday and are doing what we can here to help. Am Yisrael Chai✡️🙏