A Day In The Life Of An Avodian

As we meet early in the morning, the admin staff say good morning, open our computers, do a quick check-in and inevitably say to one another, “Wow, really busy day today, not much time for regular activities,” or “Wow, a

Tour Camp Avoda All Year Long

We may have “closed the books” on summer 2017, but Camp Avoda is always open for fun! Many families choose to visit potential camps for their children during the summer before they actually want them to attend. Many others get

Planting the Seeds of Character

Lessons learned from an all-boys environment May you grow up to be Righteous May you grow up to be True May you always see the truth and the light surrounding you May you always be courageous, stand upright, and be

What’s Our Secret?

Jewish summer camps can help campers become more independent and self-sufficient. Jewish summer camps have a wide variety of activities that suit the interests of their campers. Jewish summer camps provide choices of delicious foods. Camp Avoda provides these, and

Major League Summer Camp – More than fun and games!

  We just had to share this great piece from Ken Shifman featured in the Jewish Boston. A must read.   Click HERE  

Camp Avoda Offers One Happy Camper Incentive Grants!

Summer Camp is good for Jewish kids and their families. “Summers at overnight camps are packed with a wide range of fun activities—aquatics, arts and crafts, basketball and soccer, dance, music, cooking, archery, drama, outdoor adventure and hiking, and much


At lunch today Ken asked Paul if he would like to address you tonight. Paul replied that he probably would become too emotional to do so. So, as a surprise to him, I’ve volunteered to speak briefly on his behalf.

Grandparents Day

Camp Avoda celebrates an honors the unique relationship that grandparents and grandsons have.  Though we have a formal Visiting Day (open to all), this special afternoon is for campers’ grandparents (and other ‘grand’ relatives) only. This biannual event will take place

Welcome to Our New Camp Avoda Website

Find all of the information you need on Camp Avoda.  It’s more than 2 months. It’s a lifetime.