Why Camp Avoda?
Ben and Jen AffleckBen and Jen Affleck
And by the way, it isn’t just CAMP – it is Avoda! I have seen the difference in what my daughter experienced (and she was happy) and what Alex did. There are too many differences to even go into in detail but the family feeling, the bonding, the surprises, the spirit, the fun, the energy, the support, the Big Brother Program (brilliant!), the music, and on and on and on – What you have created is really very special. – Lisa, Weston, FL.
Brad and Angelina PittBrad and Angelina Pitt
Sam had another AWESOME summer at Avoda and would not trade the experience for anything. You and your staff truly run a wonderful program in a very special place. – Mike, Boston, MA
Sue, Needham, MASue, Needham, MA
Joe and I loved everything about Max’s experience – how much fun he had, how engaged he was in all of the activities and how much it already means to him – he clearly found his home at Avoda. All of the communication from you and the rest of the administration has been great and throughout the summer we loved looking at the photos!” - Sue, Needham, MA

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There are many Jewish Summer camps, but there’s only one Camp Avoda. We are Located on the beautiful Lake Tispaquin in Middleboro, MA, just about an hour South of Boston. At camp, our balanced program doesn’t just define what we do – it’s what we are. Over 90 years strong of brotherhood, leadership, spirit, and tradition. Our campers experience new adventures, take risks, practice
Jewish values and best of all be themselves.

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