What’s Our Secret?


  • Jewish summer camps can help campers become more independent and self-sufficient.
  • Jewish summer camps have a wide variety of activities that suit the interests of their campers.
  • Jewish summer camps provide choices of delicious foods.
  • Camp Avoda provides these, and more…

What’s our secret?

Camp Avoda is an all-boys camp. We are a small nurturing environment where older campers teach younger ones the finer points of camp life: where the best shady place is in the outdoor chapel site, strategies for getting flags during Flagrush, where to put your laundry on Monday morning, and where to pick it up on Tuesday morning, where the bikes and helmets are located for the mountain biking elective, and how to line up in the morning.

The relationships that our boys form at an early age truly last through mature adulthood. Camp Avoda Alumni frequently visit camp, auction off the opportunity to referee “big games” during the summer, arrange grown-up play-dates to attend concerts, sports events, and even dates with other alumni their significant others! They register their children for Camp Avoda shortly after birth, and generously donate money to our scholarship fund.

Camp Avoda has sustained a culture where younger boys are mentored by older ones right from the start. Where counselors are usually home grown. Where leadership is lived, not just taught. CIT’s (Counselors in Training) coach the season-long teams that compete in a wide variety of sports including some that are “peculiar” to Camp Avoda. Mooseball, anyone?

Independence? We help to build it. Jewish culture? We work to appreciate it and pass it along. Team sports? We play hard and learn to win and lose gracefully. Creative Arts? We build things, create things, and photograph experiences and objects. Fun? Oh yeah, we have that….dance parties in the bunks, special activity days, Color War, intramural team play, bunk cookouts, field trips, evening activities… from early morning to late at night, we have it all.

It’s really not a secret. The magic combination of a beautiful camp site, enthusiastic and compassionate staff, many varied activities, lots of fun-loving boys…that’s the secret of a Camp Avoda summer!